Sandwich panel wall with a flat sheet, two-color design with electro-static, anti-scratches in various thickness, width 1 m and length desired.
Sandwich panel roof with trapezoidal wave resistant, galvanized on both sides, with a scratch-resistant electrostatic paint in different thickness,
fiberglass sheets Type: stuff
Is made of resin and glass fiber Moisture and heat insulation "The designs and beautiful colors" Smooth sine wave, trapezoidal wave, and the customer desired ...
These sheets have physical properties, mechanical, electrical, and thermal are high that involve considerable reputation in the construction industry and interior decoration.
Bird netting Type: stuff
Is used to keep the glass. In the spring of 3/4 and a width of 20/1 is. Iran is made of hot galvanized wire
B110 Type: stuff
Adhesive of the year 1350 in Tehran, with Germany and established companies Pernator Work and has sought to improve the quality and quantity of the product have been used.
Glass wool was used to cover and insulate heat and sound is very good for the various technical indicators to assess these indicators is