We have to achieve quality today,

Sandwich panel tehran,Sandwich panel iran

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Sandwich panel tehran,iran panel mahdi production

We have to achieve quality today, we have come a long way

**The first producer of sandwich panels insulated with foam polystyrene and xps in Iran **

After being approved 19 topics and identify market needs and optimize energy use by internal and external experts in 1380
as the first company to produce panel polystyreneconcrete insulation and Sanaty parand now , Abbas Abad Industrial Estate on 4 acres of land
to be widely involved in its production .

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Panel Mehdi Industrial Group
Why PanelMahdi ? Panel Mehdi Industrial Group

Mehdi panel and select the best option for shopping is not only cost-effective but there are no restrictions on the area and
customers can easily purchase and are abundant Pnlh variety of sizes and colors.

Speed of production and delivery
Speed of production and delivery
Just Waiting 24 hours
Non-limits area
Non-limits area
Ease of purchase 1 m to 30,000 m
Size and color variation
Size and color variation
Customized and customer choice
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Panel Mehdi Industrial Group
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What is the difference between TC and TCX?
Is there a shade variation between a number from the TC system when compared to the same number of the TCX system?
If so, why is there a shade variation? Is it more prominent in the lighter or darker Shades?
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Panel Mehdi Industrial Group


Panel Mehdi Industrial Group