ceiling sandwich panel

ceiling sandwich panel

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Ceiling sandwich panel
manufacturer: panel mahdi
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Sandwich panel roof with trapezoidal wave resistant, galvanized on both sides, with a scratch-resistant electrostatic paint in different thickness, width and length of 107 cm and 98 cm Kardh customize the colors:
Brown 8004/5015 Blue / Red 3000, 3020/2004 Orange / Purple 4005/1015 cream / white 9016 Green / 6024, 6019/8004 Brown / Silver 9006/1023 Yellow / Orange 1028/4003 case.

Prefabricated wall and ceiling features:

- Polystyrene Foam Insulation
- Scratch-resistant galvanized on both sides
- Insulation, cold, heat, sound, humidity, temperature
- Resistance to wind
- Resistant to rust
- Resistant to chemicals
- Resistant to landslides and earthquakes
- Resistant to vermin
- Affordable
- Color variation
- Recyclable
- Quick and easy transport
- Easy to install and operate the facility
- Suitable for all climates
- Washable
- Lightweight
- Health

Comparison of heat transfer coefficient of concrete, brick and glass wool sandwich panel:
Sandwich panel:
Thickness :35 --- 40 ---- 50 ---- 60 --- 80 --- 100 --- 150 - 200mm
Heat transfer :0.51-0 .45-0.36-0.30-0.22-0.18-0.12-0.09
Thickness: 40
Heat Transfer: 16.25
Thickness: 40
Heat transfer: 14.8
Thickness: 40
Heat Transfer: 0.88

Application for:
Of cold
Field offices
Guard booth
All roof and wall coverings
And ...

Industrial structure Ceiling Panel:

- Cover panel: galvanized steel or aluminum color with different thickness
- Nuclear Middle panel: made of polyurethane foam with a density of 40 + _2kg / m (4cm thick foam wall 10 Vsqfy from 4cm to 6)
- Back panel: galvanized steel or aluminum different colors or laminated with kraft paper reinforced with thick aluminum foil.


Ceiling Panel Features:

- Load
- Washable and hygienic
- Resistance against fire (long side)
- Insulation against cold and heat (to prevent heat loss Vbrvdt)
- Insulation against noise
- Fast and easy installation
- Light-weight and earthquake resistant

Ceiling Panel Applications:

- Cover the walls of silos and industrial buildings Vsqf
- Roof and walls of the shipping container
- Fixed the roof and walls of the house and moving Cool
- Fixed and removable roof and wall Shelter
- Barn and silo roof and walls
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